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The Top 10 Productivity Apps for Remote Workers

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re part of the growing tribe of Kiwis who’ve swapped the office cubicle for the home office (or the local café, we won’t judge). But let’s face it, working remotely can sometimes feel about as productive as herding cats. So, we’ve rounded up the top 10 productivity apps that’ll help you work smarter, not harder. Grab a flat white and let’s dive in!

1. Trello: The Digital Whiteboard on Steroids

First up, we’ve got Trello. It’s like a digital whiteboard, but way cooler. Perfect for visual thinkers who love a good list.

– Drag-and-drop interface: Easier to use than your nana’s TV remote

– Customizable boards: Organise your work life better than Marie Kondo

– Collaboration features: Keep your team in sync faster than the All Blacks’ backline

Pro tip: Use the Butler feature to automate repetitive tasks. It’s like having your own digital PA!

2. Slack: Where Work Chats and Banter Collide

Slack is the cool kid of work communication. It’s where serious work discussions and Friday arvo banter live in perfect harmony.

– Channels for different topics: Keep convos more organised than your sock drawer

– Integration with other apps: Works with more tools than a Mitre 10 workshop

– Customizable notifications: So you don’t get pinged more often than a rusty Holden at the WOF

Insider hack: Use Slack’s “Do Not Disturb” feature when you need to knuckle down. Your colleagues will thank you for not leaving them on read.

3. Zoom: Not Just for Lockdown Quiz Nights Anymore

Yeah, yeah, we know. You probably used Zoom more in 2020 than you used your gym membership. But it’s still a ripper for remote work.

– Virtual backgrounds: Hide your messy lounge faster than you can say “surprise inspection”

– Breakout rooms: For when you need a digital smoko break

– Screen sharing: Show off your work (or your cat videos) with ease

Top tip: Invest in a decent mic. Your colleagues will appreciate not hearing you sound like you’re talking from the bottom of Lake Taupo.

4. Todoist: The To-Do List That Does It All

Todoist is the Swiss Army knife of to-do lists. It’s simpler than assembling a Warehouse BBQ, but way more useful.

– Natural language input: Add tasks as easily as you’d tell your mate about weekend plans

– Priority levels: Organise tasks faster than you sort your recycling on bin day

– Recurring tasks: Never forget to water your office plant again

Ninja move: Use the Eisenhower Matrix template to prioritise tasks like a pro.

5. RescueTime: The Productivity Tracker That’ll Make You Squirm

RescueTime is like that mate who always calls you out on your BS. It tracks how you spend your time online, for better or worse.

– Automatic time tracking: No need to manually log your hours (phew!)

– Detailed reports: See where your time goes (spoiler: probably not where you think)

– Focus sessions: Block distracting websites faster than you can say “just one more YouTube video”

Word to the wise: Brace yourself for some hard truths about your Facebook habit.

6. Evernote: The Digital Brain You’ve Always Wanted

Evernote is like having a second brain, but one that actually remembers where you put your keys.

– Note-taking across devices: Access your brilliant ideas anywhere, anytime

– Web clipper: Save online content faster than a Wellingtonian grabs their coat on a windy day

– Searchable handwritten notes: For when typing just won’t cut it

Pro move: Use the templates feature to streamline your note-taking process.

7. LastPass: Because “Password123” Just Doesn’t Cut It Anymore

LastPass is the superhero of password management. It’s like having a photographic memory, but for all those pesky passwords.

– Generate strong passwords: Tougher to crack than your gran’s secret scone recipe

– Autofill feature: Log in faster than you can say “forgot my password”

– Secure sharing: Share passwords without actually revealing them (magic!)

Safety first: Enable two-factor authentication. It’s like double-locking your front door, but for your digital life.

8. Forest: Grow Your Productivity (and a Virtual Tree)

Forest turns avoiding procrastination into a game. It’s like FarmVille, but instead of crops, you’re growing your productivity.

– Plant virtual trees: Stay focused or watch your tree wither (the guilt is real)

– Real-world impact: Plant actual trees as you use the app

– Friend challenges: Compete with mates to see who can stay focused the longest

Green thumb tip: Set realistic focus times. Start small and work your way up, like you would with your veggie garden.

9. Grammarly: Because Typos Are So 2020

Grammarly is like having an English teacher looking over your shoulder, but way less annoying.

– Real-time grammar and spelling checks: Catch mistakes faster than a Black Cap in the slips

– Tone detector: Make sure your emails don’t come across snarkier than intended

– Plagiarism checker: Keep your writing as original as a Taika Waititi film

Writing hack: Use the synonyms feature to spice up your vocabulary faster than you’d add chilli to your butter chicken.

10. Headspace: Because You Can’t Pour from an Empty Cup

Last but not least, Headspace. Because sometimes the most productive thing you can do is absolutely nothing.

– Guided meditations: Chill out faster than you can say “serenity now”

– Sleep sounds: Drift off easier than a politician avoiding a tough question

– Focus music: Get in the zone without lyrics distracting you

Mindfulness tip: Start with just 5 minutes a day. It’s like training for a marathon – you gotta start somewhere!

There you have it, folks! These 10 apps are sure to boost your productivity faster than a double-shot espresso. Remember, the key is finding what works for you. Maybe you’ll vibe with all of these, or maybe just a couple will do the trick. 

And hey, don’t forget to actually, you know, do some work in between downloading all these apps. After all, the most productive app in the world can’t write that report for you (yet). 

Now, off you go! Those emails won’t answer themselves (although with AI these days, who knows?). Kia kaha, remote workers!

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