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National Digital Forum 2010 Conference Linking data, linking people

New Zealand National Digital Forum
The NDF in New Zealand, Aotearoa is a collection of 150 organisations, including museums, libraries, galleries, archives, and their partner organisations It’s probably one of the best conference spots in the the local cultural/heritage web – mostly because the people involved are both active learners and participants. In short, most of the people in the room – usually around 300 – have either got something to learn – and something to say – often both. See the web site here, and the Ning site for more, here

The next conference is in October, 2010. The organisers have just released the following – and have asked that it get circulated as widely as possible. So here we go!

National Digital Forum 2010 Conference
Linking data, linking people
Monday 18 – Tuesday 19 October 2010
Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, Wellington
The 9th annual National Digital Forum conference will be held in Wellington Monday 18 – Tuesday 19 October 2010 at the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa.
The National Digital Forum (NDF) is a coalition of museums, archives, art galleries, libraries and government departments with more than 150 member organisations committed to collectively building New Zealand’s culture and heritage online.

Linking data, linking people will raise discussion and explore opportunities for the creative and cultural sectors to link and make available digital content to the benefit of New Zealanders and the rest of the world.

The interactive format of the programme will encourage delegates to take part in open knowledge sharing, discussion and debate.

The 2010 conference programme will include stimulating keynote speakers, discussion sessions, practical workshops and demonstrations.
Key Dates
Mark these dates in your diary now!
7 May 2010 Call for contributors opens
24 May 2010 Early Bird registration opens
24 May 2010 Sponsorship opens
14 June 2010 Call for contributors closes
12 July 2010 Conference programme available
3 September 2010 Early bird registration closes
18 October 2010 NDF 2010 conference opens

Call for Contributors / Presenters
Interested in presenting at NDF 2010?
We are looking for speakers to participate in expert forums on key topics around linking data and linking people. There is also an opportunity for you to share stories of your project with other attendees, describing what you have been up to, what you have achieved and share the lessons you have learned from successes as well as failures in demonstration sessions.


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